A permit is required for decks.

Submit site plan for approval by Village - must show the following:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Placement of house on lot
  • Location of deck
  • Indicate side yard and rear yard open space dimensions. Must be at least 5' from all adjoining lot lines.
  • Decks may only be built in the rear yard.

Two (2) sets of drawings showing construction of deck to the Village of Beverly Hills:

  • Size and framing of deck
  • Type of lumber
  • 42" footings or post holes and spacing
  • How high is deck above grade: If 30" or more above grade a minimum 36" high railing is required with spaces less than 4" wide.
  • Steps - Maximum riser height 8 1/4", Minimum 4". All steps must be of equal riser height and have a minimum tread of 9".

Unattached ground level decks may be laid over concrete patios with no footings.