Zoning Board of Appeals Procedure

The Beverly Hills Zoning Board of Appeals consists of nine members who are residents of the Village of Beverly Hills. They are appointed by the Village Council for three year terms and can be appointed for succeeding terms. They serve without pay and attend meetings which are scheduled for the second Monday of each month if cases are filed.

The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to review petitions for deviations from the Village Zoning Ordinance. The petitions for variances are submitted in writing and are then considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The request must be filed a minimum of twenty-five (25) days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting to allow the required notice of the meeting to be mailed to all property owners within 300 feet of the property where the deviation request is made and publication in newspaper.


1. Appeals to the Zoning Board of Appeals must be filed in the Village office at least 25 days prior to the date of the next regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals, which meets the second Monday of each month, with the following documents and information; none of which will be returned.
One copy of the Zoning Board of Appeals form, completely filled in and accompanied by the following:
One copy of the completely filled in application for Building, Sign or Fence permit (Not required on parking and storage of vehicle requests).
An 8 1/2" x 11" site plan indicating lot size, placement of buildings, location of proposed additions, garages, shed, fences, signs etc. You must show all rear and side yard setbacks and, if applicable, front yard setbacks.
If homeowner is doing the work, a completed and signed Homeowners Affidavit is required on buildings. (Does not apply to parking and storage of vehicle request).

2. Submit Fee when filing.

3. The applicant is advised to be specific and clear about the reason for the request.

4. Corner stakes of proposed buildings, additions and lot lines, if applicable, must be set one (1) week before the Zoning Board meeting, at the proposed site, for the Board's on the site review.


6. No appeal will be processed or brought before the Zoning Board of Appeals unless all of the above requirements are fulfilled.

*Additional information may be required, such as photographs, site history or additional drawings as may be determined by the Zoning Board of Appeals or Planning and Zoning Administrator.