Tax Bills and Millage Rate

The Village of Beverly Hills has one tax per year. This is the Village operating tax and that bill is mailed on July 1st each year. Village taxes are payable July 1 through September 14 without penalty at the Southfield Township Office. There is a 1% penalty from September 15 through September 30. There is an additional 1% penalty per month thereafter through the month of February.

If taxes are unpaid on February 28th of the following year, they are turned over to the Oakland County Treasurer as delinquent and must be paid to the County with additional penalties and interest.

Village residents also receive a summer and winter tax bill from Southfield Township. Those bills consist of township, county and school taxes. For questions regarding those taxes, please call Southfield Township at (248) 540-3420.

In November 2020, Village voters approved a millage proposal. Funds are now allocated as described in the tables below.

If you have a name change, correction or a bank change, please notify Southfield Township at (248) 540-3420.

2024 Village Millage Rates 2023 Village Millage Rates
General Fund 1.7965 General Fund 1.8152
Public Safety Fund 9.4608 Public Safety Fund 9.5593
Library Fund 0.7819 Library Fund 0.7901
Park Improvement 0.3057 Park Improvement 0.3089
Rubbish 1.2900 Rubbish 1.2575
Total 13.6349 Total 13.7310