Greenfield and Beverly Roundabout

Greenfield Road at Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd Intersection Improvement and the installation of a compact roundabout at the intersection.

Project Description: The Road Commission of Oakland County (RCOC) shall be improving the Greenfield Rd and Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd intersection.  The project consists of 0.19 miles of hot mix asphalt (“HMA”) road reconstruction including the construction of a compact roundabout at Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd and Greenfield Rd intersection, concrete curb and gutter, minor drainage improvements, and new concrete sidewalk along Greenfield Rd, Normandy Rd, and Beverly Rd. Access to Greenfield Rd from Beverly Ct on the Royal Oak side will be permanently removed and turnaround approaches will be constructed on Beverly Ct. (Royal Oak side only)

Project Limits: Intersection of Greenfield Rd and Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd and ~300 ft down each leg of the intersection

Purpose of the Project: The purpose of the project is to reduce speeds along Greenfield Rd, make it easier/safer for vehicles to cross Greenfield Rd using Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd, and make it easier/safer for pedestrians to cross both Greenfield Rd and Beverly Rd/Normandy Rd.

Portion of Finalized Project Plan:



Maintaining Traffic: The intersection will be closed for the entirety of the project with access to area homes and businesses maintained.

Detour Routes:  When finalized, detour routes will be published here. 

Project Schedule: The project is planned to begin in Spring 2023 and be completed in late summer 2023.

Project Cost and Funding: $1.7 million. The project will be funded by the Road Commission for Oakland County, the Village of Beverly Hills, the City of Royal Oak, and Oakland County general government (Tri-Party Program).  The project is a cooperative effort between Royal Oak, Beverly Hills and the RCOC.

Sidewalk Construction: New sidewalk will be constructed along each side of Greenfield Road, Normandy Road and Beverly Court.   In addition, sidewalk crossings will be constructed across each leg of the intersection.  These crossings will not be signalized.

Please do not hesitate to contact Administration with additional questions or concerns.