Chapter 18 - Swimming Pools

18.02 PERMIT

For the purpose of this chapter the term swimming pool shall be defined to mean any artificially constructed, non-portable pool, to be used or used for swimming or bathing, having a depth of two (2) feet or more and intended to be used in connection with a single family residence by the occupant thereof and his guests.

18.02 PERMIT

Before any swimming pool shall be constructed, application for a building permit shall be made to the Building Department, which application shall be accompanied by a complete and detailed set of plans and specifications evidencing compliance with the provisions of the Building Code of the Village and of this chapter. Before any building permit shall be issued for the construction of a swimming pool, the plans and specifications shall be approved by the Building Department and the Health Department. Before a swimming pool shall be used, it shall be finally inspected and approved by the Building Department and Health Department. The fees for such a permit shall be set by resolution of the Village Council.


In order to protect the general public and to prevent accidents and uncontrolled access to pools by small children, on all single family residential lots with swimming pools, the following regulations shall apply:

(a) Each pool shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall or privacy screen or combination of the foregoing enclosures. A side of a building may substitute for the above enclosures.

(b) All parts of such enclosure, including gates, shall be four feet (4') above the elevation of the ground level, as measured outside of the enclosed, within one foot (1') of the base of the enclosure.

(c) Such fence, wall or screen shall be constructed so as not to have openings, holes, or gaps more than four inches (4") in width and provided that the longest side of the opening is perpendicular to the ground and at least thirty-six linear inches (36") in length. Any cross members of any enclosure shall be designed to prevent their use as a ladder by children.

(d) All pedestrian or vehicular openings in such enclosures shall be equipped with a self-closing, self-latching gate or door which shall be equipped with a lock.

(e) Out-of-door swimming pools may be constructed or erected provided no part thereof shall approach nearer than six feet (6') from the side or rear lot lines measured to the water's edge.


The following regulations shall apply to the construction and operation of swimming pools:

(a) The pool construction shall conform to the Building Code, the Plumbing Code and the Electrical Code of the Village.

(b) Fiberglass and plastic pools may be permitted, provided the same meet the accepted safety and construction standards.

(c) Any accessory building which houses pumping and filtering equipment must conform to the provisions of the zoning ordinance and Building Code of the Village.

(d) Illuminating lights shall be so erected, installed and shielded so as to eliminate direct rays and minimize reflected rays upon adjoining premises.

(e) No electric wires shall be permitted over a swimming pool at any height. All electric wires near a swimming pool shall meet the requirements specified in Chapter 25 ELECTRICAL CODE.

(f) All plumbing shall be installed by a licensed plumber and shall conform to the requirements of the Plumbing Code of the Village.

(g) There shall be no direct cross-connection with the Village or home water supply and the water supply for the pool. There shall be provided, an air-gap delivery connection at least six inches (6") above the floor rim of the pool or make-up tank.

(h) Scum drain troughs and lines shall be in proportion to the size of the pool and should be vented at the extreme ends. A back water valve shall be installed in the scum drain before connecting to the sewers.

(i) The water for the pool shall be filtered, chlorinated and recirculated at least every twelve (12) hours. Hair and lint strainers must be provided so as to protect pumps. Chlorination shall be by automatic feed carrying from 0.2 to 0.5 parts per million residual chloride. No hand or slug feeding of chlorine will be allowed. The acidity-alkalinity residual (PH factor) shall be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6. Testing devices capable of accurately measuring both the chlorine residual and the PH factor shall be provided.

(j) The swimming pool shall be kept drained or covered with a cover capable of sustaining a two hundred (200) pound weight in any one location during the times when the house or residence is vacated or when the residents are away from the house for any extended period.

(k) During water shortage, the filling of swimming pools shall be regulated by the ordinance regulating the use of water supply for lawn sprinkling.

(l) No swimming pool shall be drained during period of excessive rainfall so as to overload the Village sewer system.

(m) No person shall maintain a swimming pool on his premises without providing adequate supervision at all times when the pool is in use.


Any violation of the provisions of this chapter shall subject the violator to the penalties set forth in Section 1.06.