From and after June 1, 1980, parking and/or outside storage of any conveyance for use on land, in the air or on the water, other than licensed private passenger cars or vehicles shall be prohibited in all residential and B-1 zoning districts except as herein permitted.

a. Definitions:

1. Licensed Private Passenger Car or Vehicle: Any vehicle for which the principal purpose is transportation of people on streets and highways. Such classification shall not include recreational vehicles as defined in paragraph below nor shall it include any conveyance, equipment or vehicle the primary purpose of which is other than the transportation of people on streets and highways.

2. Recreational Vehicles: Boats, boat trailers and any vehicle equipped for camping, sleeping or living purposes or any part thereof. The classification includes mobile homes, campers, truck campers, camper trailers and motor homes.

b. Exceptions:

1. Any recreational vehicle bearing a current license plate and owned by and titled to an occupant of a residential dwelling may be parked and/or stored in the rear open space of such residence not less than ten feet (10') from the rear lot line when abutting a residential dwelling and not less than five feet (5') from any side lot line which abuts a residential dwelling and not less than twenty-five feet (25') or the equivalent of the side setback of the principal building, whichever is least, when abutting an adjacent side street.

2. Any recreational vehicle as defined in this ordinance may be parked on a driveway for purposes of loading and/or unloading for a total of not more than six (6) day (one hundred forty-four hours [144]) during any one calendar month; provided, however, that each loading and/or unloading period shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days (seventy-two [72] hours).

3. Any vehicle designed for use on streets and highways may be parked in the driveway of a residence if it is the sole means of transportation to and from work for one or more occupants of such residence notwithstanding the fact that it may not be a Licensed Private Passenger Vehicle.

4. No recreational vehicle as defined in this ordinance shall be used for living purposes within the Village of Beverly Hills or shall be connected to the sewer or water system of the Village.

5. Upon special permit first obtained from the building inspector, a recreational vehicle undergoing repair or a recreational vehicle offered for sale without advertisement or sign on vehicle or recreational vehicle owned by a non-occupant of the dwelling may be parked in the front yard for not exceeding a one (1) week period.