Citizen Participation

The Village Manager has requested that if you have a question or concern to bring it to the attention of the appropriate department whenever possible. If you feel the matter has not been resolved satisfactorily, you are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the Village Manager and if still not resolved, to the Council.

Your questions or comments may be directed in the following manner at the time of a Council meeting.

  • If your item does not appear on the Agenda, you may speak during the "Public Comments" or;
  • If your items does appear on the Agenda, you may bring it to Council's attention during the call for public comment on that business item.

The Council meeting is not the time for a speaker to engage in a debate with the Council, staff, or other speakers. The Council receives input from the public and deliberates the issues at hand.

Council may or may not be able to answer specific questions at the time of the meeting, but all questions will be answered as promptly as possible. It is not unusual for the Council to refer the speaker's questions to staff for follow-up after the meeting.

Please review the following rules of public conduct at Council meetings established in order to facilitate the orderly processing of business:

  1. A person wishing to address the Council shall provide his or her name, address and group affiliation, if any, prior to providing comments.
  2. All issues should be directed to the President, or the President Pro-Tem in his/her absence, as the chairperson of the Council. The President will be responsible for enforcing the rules and has the right to declare a speaker out of order.
  3. We ask all those in the Council chamber to refrain from applauding or booing a speaker or commenting from the audience on statements made by the speaker at the podium, or by anyone at the Council table.
  4. No personal attacks will be allowed.
  5. Should a person in the audience become loud or unruly, the President may declare the person to be out of order, and if necessary, may rule the individual has forfeited the opportunity to speak further. A person may be excluded from the meeting for the breach of the peace.