Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The Department of Public Services will be conducting routine maintenance on the Village’s fire hydrants beginning the week of September 6th.  Hydrants to the west of Southfield Road will be inspected to see if any routine repairs are needed.  Hydrants to the east of Southfield Road will be inspected and flushed.  Flushing is done to remove sediment and water that builds up near hydrants and other locations in the water lines.  It also make certain the hydrants are in operating order.  Flushing will not begin until 9:00 a.m., allowing residents in the nearby area to utilize water in the morning.  Water can still be used while hydrants are being flushed, but nearby residents may experience low water pressure and discoloration of their water.  If you do experience this, you can clear out the water by running your cold water at the lowest point in your house for 20 minutes.  The whole process is expected to take about 2 months to complete.  The Village appreciates your patience during this time.