14 Mile Road Construction Update - October 27, 2022

14 Mile Construction and Traffic Update

The Village of Beverly Hills and our engineer met with the 14 Mile Road contractor yesterday for a construction update. The contractor informed us the road will, weather permitting, likely be open the week of November 14th. Next week, the contractor is expected to complete the sidewalks in anticipation of completing the paving of the driveway and road approaches. It has come to our attention that Lahser Road is more backed up than usual around 14 Mile Road. There was a power outage along Telegraph Road yesterday and additional maintenance on Telegraph. We empathize and understand the frustration and concern with the backups in that area. We also understand residents’ concerns about getting out of the neighborhood affected by the 14 Mile construction. At this time, we cannot open Bellvine Trail or Eastlady because the approach to 14 Mile for those roads is not complete. It would be dangerous for drivers and their vehicles if we were to allow access to 14 Mile at this time. If work progresses quickly over the next week and it is deemed safe, we will consider opening Bellvine Trail or Eastlady if these backups persist. If you are trying to exit the affected neighborhood, please utilize Hampstead or Hampton, as traffic does not appear to be as heavy at those intersections. We will continue to monitor the situation and consider other traffic control measures in collaboration with public safety. When we have additional information or an updated plan, we will inform the public. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the 14 Mile closure reaches its conclusion.