Beverly Park to Turn 100 Years Old on December 13, 2022

Did you know that Beverly Park is turning 100 on Tuesday, December 13?  The Village of Beverly Hills will be celebrating all year long, sharing stories and memories of this beloved community park.

Originally dedicated as Dodge Brothers State Park #6 in 1922, the property was gifted to the state by the automobile manufacturer Dodge Brothers Inc., in memory of John and Horace Dodge.  Back in the 1920s, with the ownership of automobiles becoming more widespread, beaches and picnic grounds in the counties surrounding Detroit became very congested.  Acknowledging the fact that their industry was responsible for the overcrowded conditions and in honor of John and Horace Dodge who were lovers of the outdoors, the Dodge Brothers Company chose to donate 11 park sites to the state.  Little known fact: of the 11 Dodge Brothers parks, Beverly Park is the only one that did not have lake or river frontage!

In subsequent years, the ownership of the park was transferred to Southfield Township and later to the Village of Beverly Hills.

With a century of recreational memories, we’re sure that a lot of you have photos or memories to share of Dodge Brothers Park #6.  We’d love to see/hear them!  Please forward/upload to and we will send them to be shared in future editions of the quarterly Villager, as well as on the Village website and Facebook.