Updated Cape Seal Road Project Schedule - Week of June 3, 2024 and June 10, 2024


Due to inclement weather, the Contractor has updated the schedule for the installation of the second phase of the Cape Seal Project.  The contractor will sweep any loose stone prior to installation of the final asphaltic sealer material.  Please do not drive on the sealer material 4 hours after installation to allow the material to cure. The contractor will place doors hangers on affected residents the day before any construction begins to ensure residents can make arrangements for vehicle access, if needed.   Currently, the updated schedule for this work is:

Thursday, June 6 – Birmingham between 14 Mile and Dunblaine, Beechwood  between Birmingham and Bates, and Sheridan between Beverly and Amherst. 

Friday, June 7 - Riverside between Norchester and Beverly, Buckingham between  Pierce and Madison

Tuesday, June 11 - Birmingham between Dunblaine and Beverly, Kirkshire between Birmingham and Bates, Sheridan between 13 Mile and Amherst.

Wednesday, June 12 – Bates between Beverly and Kinross, Arlington between Beverly and Madison.

Your patience is appreciated during construction and field representatives from Hubbell, Roth & Clark (HRC) and the Contractor will be available to address issues as the occur. However, should you have any additional questions, please contact Jack Nagle, P.E. at 248-454-6397.