Application & Petition Fees

New plans, substantially revised plans or complex issues relating to regulatory, environmental, engineering or community implications that need to be addressed by Village consultants will incur additional fees to recover additional costs.

If it is determined that a Concept Review is necessary, a fee of $50.00 plus any additional costs associated with consultation with Village consultants will be charged. Upon approval of the concept proposal normal additional schedule fees will apply.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Office & Commercial
Any Classification to
Single Family, PP
RM - Multiple Family
Office, Business or Parking
Land Division (or Combination) $650
Site Plan Review
O or B
RM or Cluster
  $650 + $75 per unit
RA, R1, R1A, R2, R2A, R3, P or PP
  $650 + $75 per acre
Preliminary Plat:
Tentative Approval
  $750 + $50 per lot
Final Approval
Final Plat
Special Approval (additional to site plan review fee)     $700 + $50 per acre or fraction thereof
Signs (Planning Commission Review only, additional permit fee)     $200