The Village is Beginning Outside Water Line Verifications

Per State requirements, the Village of Beverly Hills is required to provide the State with an updated inventory of all water service line (WSL) pipe materials to verify if the pipe is lead, copper, or another material for the purpose of ensuring said water quality and safety.  The required inventory will ascertain the material of a customer’s water service line from two points at the curb box outside the customer’s home to the water meter inside the customer’s home. Based on the number of service connections, the Village is required to physically verify the water service line material at 354 random addresses throughout the water system. Notices were previously sent to these 354 residents. 

For the residents who have completed the verification inside their home, the Village’s outside contractor, UIS (Underground Infrastructure Services), will be conducting the water line verification outside the home.  Below is a summary of the outside line verification process.

 WSL Photo

If you have any questions about your service line verification, please email You can also contact Janice Strine from HRC, the Village’s engineering consultant managing the project, at (248) 454-6320.  More information can be found on the Village’s website at